I’m on a mission to get people growing. Especially food.

Producing one’s own food is rewarding, relaxing, tasty, and, we daresay, therapeutic. I want to enable folks to raise a vegetable garden right where they are, home or business. I advocate for biointensive gardening: maximizing yield while minimizing footprint. I use natural, chemical-free, environmentally responsible methods. The goal is to leave the soil better than we found it. Regenerative agriculture, not just sustainable.

Growing your own food is as local as you can get, minimizing the fossil fuel inputs that are part and parcel of even ‘organic’ agriculture. Tending a garden gets you exercise, Vitamin D from the source-the sun, and more mineral rich, vital food because you control the health of the soil, which is the building block of the entire system.

Who is The Grateful Grower anyhow?

Hi there. I’m Kellie and I’m the grower. I’m a wife and a boy’s mama. We have one dog and two cats. I love Jesus Christ and do my best to live my life in a manner that is pleasing to Him and brings Him glory. I am a soil enthusiast and a rookie fly angler. I have worked for The Michigan Land Use Institute (Groundwork Center), The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, Leelanau State Park, Fischer’s Happy Hour Tavern, the Inn at Black Star Farms, and currently help keep the household bills paid by working for Homewaters Recreational Real Estate. I have a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Michigan State University and am a certified Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener (Even though I’m pretty sure one is never a master at gardening. There’s always more to learn.) I love growing plants. Especially edible plants, but also ornamental plants. I have fifteen years of personal garden experience and am a research junkie – I never tire of learning more. It’s my mission to get everyone growing. Sow good. Plant love. 

My service to you is the union of my passion and livelihood. I am a soil geek, plant nerd, worm cheerleader, and tree hugger-literally. I love this stuff!

Let’s get our hands dirty!



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The Grateful Grower
~ Sow Good!! ~
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