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Vegetable and herb gardens are our specialty: choose from a menu of 4′ X 4′, unfinished, untreated raised beds, packed with tasty vegetables, herbs, and an edible flower or two, or choose your own mix. Would you rather have 3′ X 3′ or 1′ X 8′? Elevated containers so you don’t have to kneel? Need something that will fit on your apartment balcony? We can do that for you!

Then, you choose how involved you want to be in the care and upkeep of your garden. We can set up a maintenance plan for you, or you can maintain it yourself, regardless, we are always available by phone, email, or text to answer questions and help you troubleshoot. We also offer consultation services if you are fairly confident but have questions, or if you think there’s no way you could grow anything. (We bet you can!) We can even help you set up a composting system to keep your kitchen and yard waste on your property, turning it into garden gold.

Are you looking for someone to plant and/or maintain your perennial and annual flower beds or containers? We can do that, too. We just love plants!

Let’s Talk!

Here’s some veggie garden ideas to get you thinking. By no means is this list exhaustive. If you have ideas in your noggin, share them with us. We want you to love your garden!

Juicers’ Joy: beet, spinach, cucumber, kale, carrot
First Foods for Babes: watermelon, squash, carrot, green beans, peas
Roots that Rock: carrot, potatoes, turnip, onion, beet
Herbage: basil, thyme, chives, rosemary, sage, parsley
Generous Greens: romaine, butter lettuce, arugula, mesclun, spinach
Summer Salsa: tomato, jalapeno, onion, bell pepper, tomatillo
Muncher’s Mix: radish, cucumber, mesclun, carrot, cherry tomato




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