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I offer gardening consultation services for aspiring and novice gardeners. If you are fairly confident but have questions, or if you think there’s no way you could grow anything (I bet you can!), I am here to help you along the way. I can help you choose plants for your landscape, site and plan a vegetable garden, troubleshoot houseplant problems, even help you set up a composting system to keep your kitchen and yard waste on your property, turning it into garden gold.

I love looking at plants, talking about plants, talking TO plants, looking at seed catalogs, researching plants, smelling plants…I just love plants of all kinds!

I am a proponent of cannabis use for medicinal and therapeutic applications. I believe that it is high time our society stops stigmatizing this plant, and starts recognizing, normalizing, and promoting its myriad benefits. See my Hemp for Victory page, coming soon.

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